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Twitch followers list

Every streamer wants to know who is subscribed to his channel, is a regular viewer, how long he watches streams, etc. This information is necessary to understand what stage of promotion you’re in, whether you need to buy Twitch followers to grow a fanbase and whether there are bots and fakes on the page.

Fortunately, you don’t need a special program, plugin, ticker and command to view the Twitch followers list. Moreover, the search for the tool will not take you much time and effort, you can do it from a PC or Mac right now.

Despite the fact that this feature is available to absolutely all authors, newbies are still wondering: “where can I find a list of Twitch followers for my channel?”. Everything is extremely simple, follow these steps to display the information you need :

  1. Click on your avatar (profile’s image) at the right corner of the screen;
  2. Select a “Creator Dashboard” and find the “community” tab, click on it;
  3. Then on the left sidebar, find “followers list”, this is what you need.
How to see twitch followers list - TwitchFollowers

That’s how easy and simple you can check your subscribers and see their numbers! By the way, the list is sorted by date: from newest to oldest. The latest ones are on the top, the old ones at the end. This is a great opportunity to understand how many people have subscribed to the channel recently and how many active long-subscribed fans.

That’s not all – without leaving the tool, you can write a personal message to the right person or subscribe in response. Many popular streamers keep in touch with old fans in this way, fueling their interest.

However, apart from the many advantages of the list, there is one drawback: you cannot export it automatically. In order to extract the list, it’ll take a little more time: copy the nicknames with a computer mouse and paste them into the desired document.

Most likely, you’ll have to delete some extra words that may have remained when copying. Also, very rarely, do users note that the list disappeared. We advise you not to take any action and just wait – there is no reliable solution to such a problem, it’s just a system bug that sometimes happens.

Don’t worry, refresh the page in a couple of hours and see the latest information.

There are many third-party programs on the Internet offering to check, view, and export subscribers with a couple of clicks. Yes, it’s more convenient than transferring information manually and copying fan names into a document (if you need it). But, believe us, it’s better to spend more time on this than to use incomprehensible programs that can steal your personal data.

The best solution is to use the official tool and be safe.


This information is available on the official website. Click on the channel’s image, select “Creator Dashboard” in the menu that appears, then click on “community” – here you’ll find an info.

The easiest way to check subscribers on a PC or Mac. To do this, go to the website, click on the avatar and open the special settings, at the bottom you’ll find “community”, there is a section of the subscribers list.

It’s extremely simple! Use this algorithm of actions: click on avatar -> “Creator Dashboard” -> “community” -> “followers list”.

You can find it in the Creator Dashboard, it’s located on the author’s settings (click on avatar). Next select the “community” tab and click on the list.

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