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In pursuit of increasing the fanbase and achieving virality, streamers use different ways of promotion. For someone, the ideal way is cross-promotion and regular streaming, and someone uses a Twitch followers bot to achieve the goal. But is it safe and how to understand that your page is in danger?

Follow-botting implies that fake accounts will be regularly delivered to your page – these are computer bots, not real people. But this isn’t something that will help you attract a new audience. You see, such a hack can turn into a real problem.

The platform’s algorithms will begin to perceive your account as fake and will be banned after a while. 

Such actions are prohibited – you’re violating the rules by getting computer bots to the author’s account. But why do the creators still use it?

The first and most obvious reason is to create an image of a successful blogger and become more competitive. However, they don’t think ahead – their deception will be revealed sooner or later. Real fans will definitely not be happy about blocking their favorite streamer, and, moreover, they may begin to resent the lie.

The second is the low cost, usually, bots are sent for a ridiculous price, even less than $1. Yes, it’s a few dollars cheaper than the opportunity to buy Twitch followers from real verified users.

But these are different things; in the first case, useless (and even dangerous) bots are delivered to the page, and in the second – genuine active accounts.

The third is fleeting fame. Everyone knows that the main indicator of success and popularity is the number of fans. However, botted subscribers won’t have a positive effect, on the contrary, they’ll worsen your rating and harm your account.

Think twice before you start cheating bots. Are you ready to sacrifice your account for the sake of a lot of bots that will hang “dead weight”? Anyway, the most reliable promotion strategy is suitable investments and effective ways of promotion. But, in any case, the choice is yours.

How to bot Twitch followers

How to bot Twitch followers - TwitchFollowers

If you decide to take a risk and create a fake positive impression of yourself, you need to find suggestions for cheating.

There are many special programs and companies on the Internet that offer bots for your page. There are also free programs, but this is even more insecure, your personal data (password and username) will be at risk. You never know which of the programs is malicious.

We would recommend that you think again before you start cheating – it’s really dangerous, and you risk losing your real audience and your account forever. Developers regularly monitor violations and immediately ban authors who violate the rules. Be reasonable!


Unfortunately, deleting bots is much more difficult than getting them. This feature is not officially available, but you can use special programs like “follower remover by CommanderRoot”.

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