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How to get more twitch followers

Today Twitch is the most popular and visited streaming platform in the world. Just imagine: about 50 million users visit the site every day. If you can win at least 10% of the audience, your channel will grow significantly and become very popular. But every day this task becomes more difficult.

New author’s pages appear regularly: some of them become famous and expand their fanbase, but some get lost in the crowd and don’t attract the attention of the audience. Obviously, every novice streamer dreams of the first option, but how to get Twitch followers and become really famous?

The key to success is a correct and reliable promotion strategy, without which you won’t be able to achieve the desired goal and strengthen your authority in the thematic community. “What should I include in the strategy?” – one of the most asked questions about getting new subscribers.

Everyone knows that these should be effective ways of promotion, but few people know which ones.

In fact, to gain the first few 100 (or new viewers) it may be enough for you to ask friends, acquaintances, work colleagues or relatives to support your endeavors. It’s not difficult – use chats in messengers: send messages with a link to the channel and ask to subscribe.

Gaining even that number of viewers will make you more confident. Yes, it’s not 1000 regular fans, but quite a decent amount at the initial stage of promotion.

But what if you don’t have a lot of friends and support from nowhere to wait? In this case, you can rely on paid PR services and buy Twitch followers. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, not at all.

The prices are quite democratic, and you can get the same amount (100 fans) for less than $2. This method may be even more convenient for you – for example, if you’ve friends, but you don’t want to tell them about your endeavors or waste time sending messages.

By the way, you don’t have to worry that someone will see the purchase – usually the delivery of subscribers is divided by 2 or 3 times, making the audience grow organically. In the future, using such services, you can easily increase real followers (500, 1k, 5k, etc.) for a more attractive channel.

Such advertising companies are absolutely legally and don’t harm accounts.

Keep in mind that Twitch is also a platform for creating collaborative content. Collaborations are not the easiest way, but they’re very effective. On the site you can start raids, create joint giveaways and stream together.

Together, all this will have a beneficial effect on your statistics and improve visibility in the thematic community.

Follow a few tips to make the collaboration as useful as possible: make sure that the co-author is from your niche and has congruent statistics; collaborate with those who have your target audience; make sure that the streamer is determined and will not change his mind after a while.

This way you can start getting some subs is a week.

What do people like the most? Surely, to receive gifts for simple actions. Use this for your own purposes – invite followers to participate in a contest with simple conditions to receive bonuses or in-game currency in the game.

For example, you can offer the following conditions: purchase a reward for channel points + watching a stream for 15 hours and subscribing to a Telegram channel. This is easily doable for users, and for you it’s an opportunity to get new regular viewers in a short period of time.

Be sure to write in the title “stream with giveaways”; other users besides your fans will visit the stream.

Also a good option is to improve the visits to the stream using Steam groups. Invite your viewers to the group and notify them about the start of the stream. You can also play together and communicate in a group – this is an opportunity to make the audience’s attitude more loyal.

These are the main ways to attract an audience and retain fans. Of course, there are other equally excellent ones – cross-promotion on other resources, the use of a newsletter, and so on. Regardless of the chosen methods in the strategy, remember that you won’t see the results without streaming.

They should be constantly, it’s better to make a schedule and follow it in order to always be in sight and increase the visibility of the channel. At the same time, it doesn’t matter who you’re streaming as, as a girl or a man.

There are no fundamental differences: you still have to work hard on the prosperity of your channel and make it better every day.

How to get Twitch followers fast - TwitchFollowers

How to get Twitch followers fast

No doubt, every streamer wants to get the desired audience quickly to start their successful online journey and monetize creativity. But this is not always the best solution. In pursuit of a quick result, you may miss important things: forget about quality and regular streams.

Be consistent and don’t run ahead of the locomotive – first invest in the profile, then start cross-promotion, create a group in steam and continue using other methods. Acting wisely is the fastest way to achieve virality in a highly competitive environment.

Best way to get Twitch followers

In fact, each creator has his own ideal strategy on the site. A lot depends on your audience, niche, and preparedness (how many practices you’ve in creating content), so choose only what can be useful for your growth.

An easy and good way to become more competitive is, definitely, to invest in an account or publish your content in other places. But what if you don’t have an advertising budget or profiles elsewhere?

Well, another great way for you’ll collaborate – try to arrange cooperation with another maker and expand your visibility. This is definitely available to everyone, as well as conducting giveaways.

How to build Twitch followers

Building followers is a rather complicated process, as you might understand. In the issue of audience build-up, you need to take into account absolutely all factors, even what country the majority of your viewers are from.

That is, each audience has a unique feature that you need to know. For example, if you stream in the “just chatting” category, users are unlikely to participate in a competition for in-game currency, they need something related to your channel. Something like a merch, wishlist, or useful guide. 

Try to listen to your target spectators and fulfill their wishes. Do they want to play with you? Do this, people will start treating you more loyally, and start telling friends about your channel, and providing support.

Stick to this principle in everything – use only those promotion methods that will contribute to the growth of the right (this is the keyword) viewers.

How to grow Twitch followers

How to grow Twitch followers - TwitchFollowers

In order for your viewers to grow constantly and not leave the page over time, you need to put in the time, effort, and even finances. Here are just some effective methods: cross-promotion, collaborations, buying genuine subscribers and other PR services, active participation in other streams, mailing in messengers, and so on.

All these ways are really effective and can be included in the growth strategy. For faster results, we recommend combining the methods with each other and experimenting.

How to increase Twitch followers

Obviously, for any growth, you need to work hard, regardless of whether you’re looking for: getting new subs or increasing your fanbase. In any case, you need to start experimenting now. Try posting the best moments from streams on YouTube and TikTok, create a community in Telegram or start giveaways.

Maybe you need to use paid services first? Try them too, but don’t forget that this is not the final result. You can always do more – stream regularly communicates with the audience, and pay attention to joint games (if this is your niche).

Boost Twitch followers

Every second creator has used paid promo services at least once – there is nothing wrong with this, it’s absolutely normal and useful. If you’ve an advertising budget, a good solution to expand the audience and improve statistics is to buy PR services.

To do this, you don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars – it’s enough to have just a couple of dollars to buy the necessary boost and make your channel more solid and attractive.

However, if you don’t have a budget, you can still succeed using free methods: collaborations, cross-promotion, steam groups, using free twitch followers methods and more.


We wouldn’t recommend you to get bots and fakes. They’re prohibited by the rules and have a negative impact on statistics; that is, you’ll significantly worsen your social authority and may lose a page.

To attract more subscribers, invest (buy them) or use free promotion methods. In the first case, you’ll need to go to the website of the promotion company to place an order and get viewers.

This is not a problem, there are many other ways,  such as collaborations with creators, publishing content on other sites and creating your own community in messengers and Discord.

The lack of a miс can be a problem, because you won’t be able to constantly communicate with the audience. However, you can still try to promote your channel using investments or free ways.

You’ve many opportunities to grow subs: cooperation with creditors, creation of short clips in YT and TikTok, regular streaming, paid promo services and more.

YouTube is a great platform for promotion. Post here the best moments from streams, various bright cuts and leave a link to your Twitch channel.

You don’t need any special plugins, commands and programs to expand your fanbase. Here you’ll only need the desire, time and effort to post your content everywhere, collaborate with makers and create a thematic community on other resources.

It’s easy: announce the launch of streams, tell about funny moments from streams, about your achievements and share short clips. The main thing is to write thematic hashtags and attach a link to the account to make the messages more visible to interested users and attract them to the main resource.

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