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Check twitch followers

Every streamer knows how important it is to check Twitch followers from time to time. Why? As with any other site, it is important to understand who subscribes to you and whether there are bots. This is really necessary for cleaner and more organic growth. 

Checking subscribers is useful in many ways: you can see new fans, analyze who unsubscribed, plus monitor the progress of a paid PR campaign.

The latter is especially important so as not to waste money: when you buy Twitch followers (any number, 100 or 100k), you’ll be able to analyze the audience growth and find out if you were deceived with delivery. Also, you’ll immediately see fake users if they come, and you can quickly get rid of them.

This way you’ll protect yourself from being blocked and will have a crystal clear audience.

The good news is that in order to check fans, you don’t need a special checker – yes, it can be used to view someone’s subscribers, but we don’t recommend it. Third-party programs are unofficial, some of them are made by people for identity theft; such tools may be unsafe. So, what actions do you need to do to check subs?

  1. In the upper right corner of the screen you’ll see the avatar (profile picture), click on it.
  2. In the menu that opens, select “Creator Dashboard” to access the settings of the author’s account.
  3. Open the “community” tab and find the line “followers list”, all your subscribers will be displayed here.

Now you can easily and quickly check how many people have subscribed, and unsubscribed and whether there’re bots on the page. It’s convenient!

How to check Twitch followers

How to check twitch followers​ - TwitchFollowers

Fortunately, on the streaming platform, you can check your fans quickly, safely, and for free. To do this, you do not need to install additional programs or use specific commands. However, it’s impossible to view them on the mobile version of the app (official), you can only see the number of subscribed people.

It’s much easier to do this from a PC – you need to click on the interactive avatar, select “Creator Dashboard” in the menu, and go to the “community” tab, opening it, you’ll find a special list with information about each fan. That’s it!


You’ve access to your list of subs, but you can’t view anyone else’s. To check your fans, go to the website, click on the avatar, select “Creator Dashboard” in the menu, then find the followers list in the community tab – this is what you need.

It’s extremely simple! Click on the avatar and follow the algorithm : creator dashboard -> community-> followers list.

You can check subscribers directly on the site without the help of third-party services and programs. All data about your fans are in the followers list.

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